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While more and more application clients are focusing on custom-made purchasing in line with actual application needs rather than large-scale purchasing of standard hardware equipment, Macase is depending on its 10-year experience in IPC Case industry to present clients with high-quality custom-made services for the sake of preparing the most suitable dedicated industrial cases for various customers in different sectors by means of our professional hardware manufacturing technology and processes.

In line with the client’s actual need, we’re able to provide various solutions to cater for their needs from product design, manufacturing and integration。 Therefore, we can assist our customers to reduce their development and application costs and improve their added value of products and market competitiveness。

Custom process

Custom-made service always consists of an important part in Macase, and in the future, such service will become mainstream service.
Gradually, all of our products will be upgraded or re-designed in line with the client’s special needs. Macase is available for
providing clients with product planning, appearance style design, structural design, R&D, prototype production and batch production
services(no die sinking, high quality and short cycle). Macase will always complete the whole product R&D process by virtue of its high quality
and high efficiency.

Custom advantage

Macase is capable of providing efficient and rapid OEM/ODM custom-made solutions and realizing non-standardization, diversification and small-lot production so as to standardize the technique applied to manufacture industrial cases, satisfy the rapid and flexible combination of standard products and non-standard products and meet the small-lot custom-made manufacturing needs of various small- and medium-sized enterprises.

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